One Hundred and Twentieth Åsic- At the End of the Road

Long+Winding+Road.JPG (298×258)

When learning a  language is comparable to an everlasting straight road, I bet it’s boring! I think of learning as a kind of journey, but not quite the kind of journey one would have on the above road. When I was visiting USA in October 2014, I noticed that American teachers in the schools I visited were more of puppets on a string than teachers in Sweden are. The teachers I met in New Jersey, needed to follow certain reading programs, hand in their plans to the principal etc. No excitement will be hidden anywhere, because there are no hiding places, just like in the road above! In a classroom where lessons are predictable and have to follow a certain pattern, I would already have changed my career… especially if I had to follow a dress code, too…

What if my flip-flops would be banned!?

woman-cutting-puppet-strings.jpg (300×399)

This past semester I  have met a group of wonderful adult students from all over the world, all eager to learn and never giving up in their struggle for success. This morning when I met them for an activity in the classroom, I felt the usual sadness so typical for the end of a course. I will miss them, just as I always miss students who leave for new challenges elsewhere. I wish them all the best and hope they will keep up the hard work of improving their Swedish! I know there will be bumps in the road, even some potholes or sharp bends, but hey, it will be fun and it will never be boring!

Life-is-a-journey-with-problems-to-solve-lessons-to-learn-but-most-of-all-experiences-to-enjoy.jpg (400×227)



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