The three hundred and eightyseventh åsic- A light in the dark

#asaole, asa-och-zombie-i-smithsville

A recycled blogpost from my visit in Pitman New Jersey 2014!

Today I have had a wonderful day with my friends in Smithville. I had lots of time to marvel over the celebration of Halloween, that in a way already started with a planned ”Zombie Parade” that would take place this evening. People were dressed out as zombies and it was very interesting to note that there was no difference in age. Old or young didn’t seem to matter…

I am brought up with the thought of All Saints Day as a serious day when one go to the graveyard and put candles there to show respect for the dead. I have also many years sang in church in different choirs. The music was always very religious and filled with sorrow. Last year my daughters and I took a late walk to the graveyard when it was pitch dark outside. The darkness and the many nice lanterns made our walk exciting and solemn at the same time as it was creating a bonding that served as a platform for deep thoughts about life. We shared our viewpoints of what will happen after death and also what people we missed most of all when they had passed away. The moment in the graveyard was very far from my experience today.

I can’t wait to see what Friday will bring. Then I’m told that many kids in the neighbourhood will come to ask ”Trick or Treat”. I’m excited about it, but at the same time surprised at the fact that the Americans seem to go ”all in” for their celebration of Halloween. I met some of the ”walking dead” today and this couple made an impact on me, since they were no ten-year-olds. Scary!



2 tankar om “The three hundred and eightyseventh åsic- A light in the dark

  1. dukegg1 skriver:

    We’re all decorated for this year, too! The boys will be here soon to stay overnight and we will watch a few ”not so scary” Hallowe’en videos before bed.


    • asaole skriver:

      Yesterday my family and I noticed the preparations for Halloween here, too! Pumpkins larger than basketballs and plenty of decorations to choose from in the store. I know your lovely yard will turn into the most horrific ”graveyard” this time of the year…Happy Halloween!



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