The seventythird åsic- 53


That’s the current number of countries where this blog has been read, 53!

I’m amazed. Why do one even start a blog?I started off for two main reasons, but after six months as a blogger I have noticed that it’s more to it than that. The two reasons I had at the beginning was first of all to make a standpoint for teachers before the General Election in Sweden. Secondly I wanted to share a lot of thoughts I had on teaching and instruction, since I think that its is a waste of time if every young teacher has to invent the wheel over and over again. Giving advice to young teachers is important to me, since I remember a few teaching friends who m did the same to me when I was young. From the comments I get I understand that at least some of the texts might have been interesting to some of you. In a couple of weeks I’ll be off for the USA. I owe it to my hosts to write in English those two weeks. Otherwise they can’t read what I write.

But to you all, in Sweden and somewhere else: Thanks for reading!


// Love, Åsa



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