The seventythird åsic- 53


That’s the current number of countries where this blog has been read, 53!

I’m amazed. Why do one even start a blog?I started off for two main reasons, but after six months as a blogger I have noticed that it’s more to it than that. The two reasons I had at the beginning was first of all to make a standpoint for teachers before the General Election in Sweden. Secondly I wanted to share a lot of thoughts I had on teaching and instruction, since I think that its is a waste of time if every young teacher has to invent the wheel over and over again. Giving advice to young teachers is important to me, since I remember a few teaching friends who m did the same to me when I was young. From the comments I get I understand that at least some of the texts might have been interesting to some of you. In a couple of weeks I’ll be off for the USA. I owe it to my hosts to write in English those two weeks. Otherwise they can’t read what I write.

But to you all, in Sweden and somewhere else: Thanks for reading!


// Love, Åsa


Where are you???

Bloggens geografiska utbredning hittills

 Most readers live in Sweden or are Swedish speaking friends abroad. A few texts focus on things that happened abroad, which makes it natural to write in English. Most topics are connected with the Swedish school system, and are thus written in Swedish. If you miss English translations, please let me know.

De flesta av er som läser bloggen bor i Sverige. Jag tror att de flesta av er som bor i andra länder är svenskar i förskingringen och därför är bloggen med några få undantag skriven på svenska. Kom gärna med synpunkter på det jag skriver.

Tack för att ni återkommer till min blogg!