Four hundred and fifty-third asic- Why war? I wonder what to do and where to start!

I was up late an evening not long ago. I was watching a terrifying documentary by the filmmaker Jevgenij Afinejevskij. By gathering film clips from the Syrians themselves Afinejevskij managed to show the Syrian war/conflict from an inside perspective, with nothing spared for the viewer. It was hard to grasp for a person like myself. Being born in a country far away from worldwide war scenes has made me unaware of many aspects of war and political violence. Of course I have done my homework in subjects as history and social science and of course I am not unaware of the current political situation abroad in general, but by getting my input from newsmedia and from reporters far from the scene and watching experts talking in TV studios, I have never really found myself overwhelmed or worried deep inside for our world. That is, not until NOW. I am worried now. What changed it all was the movie Cries from Syria.

Watching the movie was completely overwhelming in so many different ways that I find it difficult to write about, since I do not know what to write and where to start. That was one of the reasons that I chose not to write the very same evening. Another reason was that I was so shocked and disgusted by the many cruelties the Syrian people had to experience. As a matter of fact I found it difficult to sleep that night. The many horrific scenes from the movie were on a constant replay not only that particular evening/night, but still are. Today I was still thinking of what to write when I heard the typical ”pling” from my cellphone and realized that there had been a new chemical attack in Syria, and according to the Swedish News Show Aktuellt, (svt2), approximately a hundred people died from the attack and many more were injured. There are no consoling words good enough to soothe the pure agony the families of the deceased feel today.

I find it extremely appalling that the White House secretary Sean Spicer (according to CNN) today chose to blame the Obama administration for the chemical attack in Syria. What a cynical statement on a day where we all would condemn the actual chemical attackers!

From my point of view this war has to stop now. So let’s spread the word about the attack and let it be known everywhere, in order to put pressure on the Al-Assad regime. Also spread the films from today’s attack and spread the movie Cries from Syria. The movie serves as an eye-opener for those who do not know what the Syrian war is all about. By watching the movie one understands that the solution (if there is one? ) is extremely far away in time and while waiting for peace, people die.





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