Four hundred and fifty-forth åsic- For my democratic right to write!<3

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press, are all manifestations of our right to express ourselves and our right to be exactly the persons we would like to be. Any violance directly connected to those rights is a violation towards mankind, a step backwards in a process that needs to go forward! This is a serious situation in communities where democratic values allow people to stand up for their own view of life. Countries where these absolutely necessary rights are not allowed, should be questioned by the rest of the world, not once or twice, but over and over again! 

I live in a country where I am allowed to have an opinion of my own and I understand that I am very fortunate. In the aftermath of the Stockholm terror attack the 7th of April 2017, several good examples of empathic actions took place. People formed groups for different purposes. All those friendly acts right after the terror attack is a true sign of a healthy democracy and to me they also show some hope:

We help each other in times of trouble

The terrorists want us to feel insecure, to fear crowds, fear going to public events. They want us to stay at home, not attending any concerts, any football games etc. Terror acts, whether they are in London, in Belgium, in France or like now, in Stockholm, is a global problem. Stockholm was hit yesterday but not later than tomorrow democracy strikes back in its own lovely way. Tomorrow a planned soccer game between the team Hammarby (from Stockholm) and Kalmar (from south of Sweden) will start off with a manifestation against terrorism. What a lovely initiative! I am not a soccer fan, but I am a fan of democracy! ❤

We can all contribute in different ways by using our democratic rights. My contribution will be writing. What is yours?


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