Fourhundred and twenty-seventh Asic- True or not, that’s the question, Mr President! Part 2

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President Trump has been to Florida, speaking to ”the People” about Sweden… I live in Sweden, an open democracy far away from the USA. In fact it is so far away that Mr Trump hardly knows for sure by himself whether we had a terror act here or not yesterday… We didn’t…

But Mr Trump has obviously listened to advisors that he trusts and thought it wise to share his worries for this nation far away with the audience in Florida. I wonder what kind of advisors would lead their president in such a stupid trap if they were his allies…or is it possible that President Trump has his own way of finding information? Maybe he, unlike most political administrations worldwide finds his ”facts” from the famous american TV channel Fox News instead of consulting professionals like most other presidents would?

Let us assume that he has been watching Fox News when they were openly lying about a fake terror act that did not happen, but was SAID to have happened here in Sweden… He has then consumed ”fake news”, hasn’t he? Let us then assume that President Trump this time did not at all think twice, instead he, like many viewers across America, just assumed that since it is a news channel, it has to be true…What does that lead to in the end? It may lead to a bad reputation for my country, in the eyes of those who believed the nonsense on Fox News…or it may lead to a bad reputation for Mr Trump’s precidency worldwide for listening to lies and believing them without a doubt…

First of all we, the people of Sweden, who did NOT experience a terror act, would instantly know that Mr Trump is spreading lies. Secondly we, the people of Sweden would either think that he is stupid in doing so, since it shows no respect for the ambition of sharing facts instead of fake news that he so eagerly have been yelling about in a number of press conferences lately. Thirdly we would worry deeply for the American people who still watch Fox News, thinking that they are served with the truth.

The Swedish Embassy in Washington DC has been in touch with the Trump administration to ask more about the content of the speech that Mr Trump held in Florida. I believe Mr Trump no longer need to worry for Sweden. Instead he can concentrate on worries for his own country.

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    Help us, my Swedish friends! Tack!

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