Three hundred and ninety-ninth asic- What happens the day after tomorrow?

#Himmel, #asaoleI wake up in Sweden in Europe, this morning the 9th of November 2016 and we are not yet sure who will be the President of the USA. I myself know for one thing that I am not quite as surprised as I am worried… I am worried from a global point of view! No matter what the Americans themselves put into their choice of a future president, we, the rest of the people have to deal with their choices, too… Negotiations in different global issues where efforts have been made for a better world for next generation will now be on standby for a while if Mr Trump wins the election. Some of them will be considered unnecessary to complete, where others will take a different direction. If that happens, it will be ”a giant step backwards for mankind”, so to speak.

What is even worse, is that some of the global accomplishments are demeaned by Mr Trump and his allies. For a better world, we all need a strong and supportive president of the USA who will guarantee the best not only for the Americans, but for all of us. It is not just an important election for YOU, the American people, but just as much for the rest of the world. To a large extent, WE are the People, too, although we haven’t had a chance to vote! What we have to do now, is actually better said in Swedish. Reluctantly one has to accept the situation the way it is, although surreal or not expected: ”Gilla läget!”

I know that the American Consitution has a built in system that prevents the President to receive too much power and that is a slight relief at this point in time. SO… Until we know the actual result of the election, I keep hoping that after all, every cloud has a silvery lining…



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