The seventyninth åsic- Three different perspectives

Yesterday I spent eight hours between a young Indian woman and a middle-aged American man. The three of us were seated in the same row during a flight between London Heathrow and Newark, NJ, USA. We had very little in common, but made friends during the flight and talked about different aspects of life. Since we came from three different continents, three different societies, it was very interesting to share viewpoints and thoughts. We all had three different reasons to travel to the USA.

The young Indian woman was going to reunite with her husband after two months apart. The young couple were newly wed and had planned to start their life in the USA. Since they were both engineers and he already had a position in a company the three of us started to talk about HER options in her new country. The American man currently works as a lawyer in a big national bank on Manhattan and he travels frequently abroad to make agreements with other banks, companies or financial departments in countries worldwide. Me, the Swedish teacher, between the two of them, found it most interesting to learn more about possible futures for engineers in NJ or what bank lawyers think of life, at the same time as I was comparing their English accents. We were all three genuinly interested in each other’s stories, so it seemed anyway. Meeting people like that, sharing thoughts and ideas, is very rewarding, I think. It is a perfect way of learning, since you are doing it for fun and you are motivated, since you very much like to understand that other person. Sharing moments like that is important to me.


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