The eightieth åsic- Sharing teaching experience with friends abroad or from abroad

The coming two weeks I have the opportunity to join an American teacher in her everyday teaching routines.  I look forward to my two weeks in the NJ schools. I learn a lot by sharing experiences, note what is similar and what is different. Teaching is not at all the same if compared between different countries, not even if compared between different classrooms!

Several of my adult students are teachers from the start and when they meet me in the classroom they notice that a lot of things in my classroom differs from what they are used to in their own countries. When that happens, I always listen eagerly to what differences the students have noticed and then the student and I discuss what the different school systems have in common, too. Usually we  find that just getting a glimpse of something is not enough to draw conclusions from .

By speaking to teachers from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, China, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kirgizistan, Russia, UK and the USA, I have been trying to get a picture of in what way there might be a difference from the Swedish school system on one hand and that of those mentioned countries on the other hand. By experiencing a school system first hand I learn more than by speaking. I hope during my stay here in NJ, that I will not only get a chance for comparison between the two school systems in general, but also a chance to talk to teachers and administrators. Hopefully we will all share good examples of teaching and instruction.I look forward to meeting new teaching friends.   If you like to learn more, please learn more in following ”åsics”! You are of course also welcome to read some of the already published texts.


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