Four Hundred and Sixtyninth Asic- I am a Londoner!

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press, are all manifestations of our right to express ourselves in our democratic society. Those rights enable us to be exactly the persons we would like to be. It took hard work by previous generations to reach this level of freedom for ordinary citizens and it is worth fighting for. In my country it is possible to express oneself without fearing repression.

Terrorism strikes unpredictably and kills and hurts innocent civilians, with no chance to protect themselves. We cannot know where or when will be next time. Lately, terror attacks in arenas or crowded places have proven that terrorists strike towards not just the democratic rights, but towards a certain free lifestyle where we enjoy cultural events such as concerts, soccer games and so on.

When we choose to stay at home because we fear terror, never meet in cultural events or have a coffee or beer with a friend, the terrorists win. Let’s fight them in a peaceful way! My goal for today will be to meet with a friend or two and have a Swedish ”fika”. That will be my humble protest in a world of terror. #fikaagainsterror