One Hundred and Ninetyninth Asic- Unforgettable!


Natalie Cole in Memoriam

Natalie Cole had a wonderful voice and her musicality was extraordinary and caught my attention long ago, although her music was not at all what I would typically listen to at that time. What first made me interested was the spectacular virtual recording with herself and her late father Nat ”King” Cole. ”Unforgettable” made me realize just how very good both singers were:

Unforgettable with Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole

I enjoy many of her recordings for several different reasons and one of my favourites is Paper Moon for the reason that the musical arrangement is so joyful and catchy as the refrain starts and also because the lyrics are quite nice:


We have just passed Christmas 2015 and I always listen to Christmas music because it makes me in a certain ”Holiday Mood”. I always pick Natalie Cole’s recordings for Christmas because she sings with such emphasis and joy in each and every song. There is no way I would pick ”Joy to the world” as an example of this, since the sad news about Natalie Cole’s death is bringing me in a sad mode. Instead I choose Silent Night, for the reason that I will probably spend time this evening silently thinking of how sad it is that this wonderful artist had to die so young.

Silent Night

Without Natalie Cole and her music I would probably not have listened to jazz as much as I do. You are unforgettable, Natalie! RIP


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