One hundred and twentysecond åsic- Imagine!





In 1980, I was only thirteen years old, when I heard a long row of John Lennon songs. The songs were all masterpieces and that made me listen. I wanted to know who sang… They played the Beatles, too, and after a while the many interviews accompanied the lovely music. In just a couple of days I discovered that there had been a singer/composer/writer called John Lennon AND that someone had put his life to an end. I have missed him, although I never knew him. I have enjoyed the many tunes he gave to the world and I wish for real, that his thoughts already had become truth. A month ago I commented on the Berlin Wall Memorial in my #ninetyninth åsic, by sharing the lyrics to Imagine. For all those who suffer in wars, worldwide, for all those who live in despair for a reason. Imagine!

 music-john-lennon-imagine-lyrics-colour-14160-23485_medium.jpg (676×474)


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