Femtiosjätte åseriet- Is the general election in Sweden as exciting as Super Bowl…?

My kids tend to watch Spongebob Squarepants day in and day out, and I have very little to say about it, so it seems…  I nag about it, but I don’t really mind…honestly… I have even found a few jokes here and there that I liked, too. But what we like or not on TV has indeed changed if we give it some thought. I am a typical ”News programmes”-person. I love documentaries about the political system in a distant country or a debate of some sort about some ”big issue”… But having said that, of course I’d love to watch other things, too… but I don’t enjoy series with an unknown number of episodes, as if they are eternal… When will one have the time to watch them all???

As a kid I remember watching programmes made especially for children. They were all very pedagogical, since I was brought up during a period of time when Swedish television had just two channels. Most programmes had a hidden agenda, such as ”send your pocket money to Biafra” or ”don’t pollute our lakes or forests”. My fave show was a show called ”Ville, Valle Viktor” where two men, Ville and Valle set off for a walk through Sweden. They were very different. Ville was the bossy kind of guy and Valle was just doing whatever he was told… One day the two of them found a puppet. The puppet, called Victor, is not at all fond of Ville´s bossy manners and questions his decisions. I enjoyed the many jokes, but also the way one could learn a lot about environmental issues by just watching this show.

There were other shows with the main purpose to educate and inform. Two of them, ”Från A till Ö, en resa orden runt”

and ”Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter”

are shows that are still found in the stores and my children used to watch both shows, too, when they were younger. Every now and then they indulge themselves with a nostalgic afternoon, going through the best shows together. Usually I join them, too, laughing at the same jokes as they do. Is that quality, is it just a matter of sharing the same taste, or is it just a co-incident? I don’t know…

TV-shows are sometimes not at all interesting, in my opinion… I can easily avoid shows about odd sports, or weird soap operas with dubbed sound tracks… I do however have some old favourite Britcoms I watch again and again. One of the best in my opinion, is ”Keeping Up Appearences”. I can’t help loving all of those characters, expecially working class ”Hyacinth Bucket” who pretends to be upper class…and insists on having her name pronounced ”Bouquet”…

I admit watching TV was much more easy before I had kids… 😉

I know it’s a matter of being a weak Mom, a ”Curling parent” so to speak… Instead of insisting on watching what I prefer, I let them watch whatever THEY prefer, thinking I will decide for myself once they move out…which is years from now…but… They’re worth it…

Sometimes my daughters joke about it… ”I bet you would want to watch a clay animation from the Czech Rpublic. I usually reply: No, I was planning to watch a three hours long documentary called ”Woolen yarn”…

Another thing that has struck me is that some countries have their own ”Can’t miss it!” -shows… I’d say the Americans seem to watch the ”Super Bowl”, the Brits watch ”Last Night of the Proms”, we tend to watch ”Vasaloppet” (a 90km long ski-race) etc.

Foreigners who visit Sweden are sometimes surprised at the fact that we have these shows we watch over and over again, although we know all the lines… We watch ”Donald Duck” in an hour long show every Christmas Eve at three o’clock… We watch an old sketch from Britain on New Year’s Eve. It’s called ”Dinner for One” but in Sweden it’s known as ”Grevinnan och betjänten”. I’d say most adult Swedes know all the lines and SAY THEM while watching.



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