Miniåseri-Who are you?

The following text can be read as a comment to the #Miniåseri- Where are you? from the 6th of July 2014


Thank you all for reading what I write. It has been an interesting time of my life to write this blog and get feedback from some of you. Much of what I write comes from my heart and are thoughts I want to share. I also use my writing as a kind of anti-stress-method. Writing is for me, what yoga is to others. Writing is to me, what jogging is to others. Writing is the world to me! Suppose I would live in a country where I couldn’t express myself through writing? I guess I would have written anyway and ended up in prison for sharing my thoughts in public.

I know most of my readers are friends of mine who live in Sweden. I am however very curious about the rest of you!!! There are, today the 24th of August , readers from 42 other countries and again, I know many of you, too, are my friends…

I am a very curious person… I would very much like to know who the rest of you are… 🙂

What kind of readers find their way to my blog? Are you mainly friends (although I didn’t know you lived in that distant country nowadays?) or are you teachers, like I am myself? Are you maybe just curious…as I am?

Help me out! I’d LOVE to know you!

Another thing I’d like to know is whether I can continue my writing in Swedish, or if some of you read my texts by the (not always so good) translation that Google can offer… If you all read Swedish, it would be a waste of time to write in English, but on the other hand, if most of you easily read in English, I can start writing in English, in order to serve you with my ORIGINAL texts, rather than the odd versions you get through Google.

Anyway… Like I said above, I write for ME, because it’s a wonderful relief to get a few of those thoughts out of my mind. I write for me, but love to know that some of you read because you like what I write. So far, this blogging of mine has been overwhelmingly positive for me. I didn’t expect anyone at all fo find their way to my texts. Now that you obviously did, please let me say this again:

Thank you for reading what I write!

// Regards,




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