Three Hundred and Thirty-Ninth Asic- The Magic of Swedish Forests

lingonrisA close encounter with a pine treetallskog vid Malingarna_1blåbärTalltoppartallskog_3

When I meet friends from other countries who would like to know what I appreciate most with my own country, Sweden, I always mention the forests and the clean environment. Forests within Sweden differ with the regards to where in the country they are. In the very south you may find forests of beech or other trees with leaves, but very few fur and pine trees. On a warm summer’s day the beeches serve you a shady place for a moment of rest. In the area where I live, however, the pine trees or fur trees are the most common trees. Long ago the widely spread forests were very important for mine industry and steel works. Wood is still of importance for Swedish export. If I spend time in the forest I think of the other values, such as the beauty and the quietness I find there.

This time of the year there are plenty of berries and mushrooms in the forest. I like both lingonberries and blueberries and occasionally I find wild raspberries. Water, like in little streams or lakes are to be found everywhere, too. Sometimes you may see a person using a fishing rod to get some fish for dinner, but generally you are all alone… Sweden has many places like this and there are lots of opportunities to experience wildlife and nature.

sjö vid Malingarnasjö vid Malingarna

After a while in the pine tree forest with high beaks and very little on the ground, I suddenly spotted a fur tree, seemingly pointing in a direction where there were merely fur trees, as if I would be a more happy visitor underneath the branches of the nearby fur trees. A pointing finger in the forest I do however favour fur trees and the light there… But, having said that, there are of course beautiful places in the deep dark forests of fur trees and also where there is a mix of different trees as well… granskog, fur tree granskog, fur tree _1granskog, fur tree _2granskog_1myrstackmossamossbelupen sten

Walking in the forests means being careful for every step you take, since you may stumble and fall on branches and stones. To me that is one of the beautiful details with taking a walk there. I find it very rewarding just to breathe the clean air and stand still for a while. When doing so, I hear those very quiet noises such as a mosquito trying to get me… Fortunately, the Swedish mosquitoes are of a nicer kind than the ones in tropical countries.

Guess what? When all of the above is covered in SNOW in the winter, the BEAUTY still remains… it is just a DIFFERENT kind of beauty. 🙂



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