Twohundred and Seventy-Eighth Asic- Anticipating Summer Vacation makes the Month of May seemingly Endless…

Apple Blossom

It’s not over yet, one more week to go before the Month of May has come to an end… It’s funny how this month is connected with an everlasting workload at work and a fantastic bloom everywhere I lay my eyes… Apple blossom, flowers, the scent of Lily of the Valley when I pass my neighbor’s garden…

In Sweden where I live, we have the wonderful Nordic Light to support us when we feel tired this time of the year. Somehow I don’t really get tired, but a workload of grading at school makes me exhausted to the limit of what I can take in my profession. I have however noticed as years pass by, that I always manage to hand in all the grades in time, send out the papers to the students and clean my desk at work before I leave for summer vacation.

Added this year is our moving to another building. The four teachers in my staff room are now packing up our things and that is a bit sad. We have had a nice time together.  Personally, I have enjoyed my current position and classroom, too. But honestly, I know that wherever I move with my teaching, I have always enjoyed it, once I’m settled in the new place. What I DO mind a bit is the disorganized chaos before everything is set…but I guess I’ll have to live with that for the time being. It’s just a matter of days…:)

One month from now, I’m already on summer vacation, thinking of the past school year, hopefully with both satisfaction and a bit of loss, just as always on a sunny summer’s day!






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