Twohundred and thirty-fifth Asic- Billy Elliot- The Musical

Yesterday I was at Victoria Palace Theatre watching an incredibly well directed and well performed show. The Musical Billy Elliot is about a young boy from the mine districts in England, who is pushed by his father to join the local boxing club, but instead ends up taking ballet lessons. The musical has two different stories in one, as the setting is the miner’s strike from 1985 and Billy’s father is active in the strike.

Apart from a lot of singing and dancing on a magnificant level, the overall impression is that the two main characters, two young boys are extraordinary in their performances respectively. Talent and hard work may be the answer to why these two young boys show such high standard in both singing, dancing and performing in their speaking acts. Being a teacher, I can’t help but wondering how they manage their schooldays and what kind of lives they lead if they are up late every evening performing! The musical is amazing. There are so many acts that are beyond every expectation. The whole ensemble are very well rehearsed together and there are no mistakes made whatsoever. Every line is set, every song they sing are in tune and not just that, but amazingly well sung! I’m so impressed! ❤

Billy Elliot the show


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