The seventyseventh åsic- Congratulations! And Celebrations!

As a child I enjoyed music just as much as I do now . I picked up new songs mainly by listening to the radio, since I’m old enough NOT to have had an iPhone glued to my palm. One of the nicest musical childhood memories of mine is today the topic of my blog. Why is that? Because today is Sir Cliff Richard’s birthday. Does he, like so many other of us, hear the song ”Congratulations” for HIS birthday? I’m not sure, but that’s what would be appropriate this very day, in my opinion. But that is not ”THE” song. The song I wouldn’t want to live without is this one! Please enjoy and join in whenever you know the lyrics… I know all of it, of course…

Cliff Richard – Power To All Our Friends

In my case it started off with one of our many ”sisters” living in our house when I was a child. My Mom introduced to our family some of those kids who needed a quiet place to live for a while. One of them, ten years older than I was, was a TEENAGER when I was just a child, singing in front of my mirror with a jumping rope as a microphone. Being a teenager meant for her that SHE had a lot of privileges…one of them was to play Cliff Richard on a level where loudspeakers from the seventies would want to break. I was six, she was sixteen. I was envious, but I was happy, too, because I got this song as MINE, since you couldn’t miss it passing  her closed bedroom door!

Is Cliff Richard one of my current idols? No, not really. His music is the kind of music I KNOW if I drive my car and they play his hits on the radio. I’d sing even if I was taking my daughters somewhere… They would probably be a little annoyed, but more likely they would sing along, too, if the song is as good as Power To All Our Friends. Who wouldn’t??? It so CATCHING! I can’t help myself from singing! This will for sure be one of those days when I have Power To All Our Friends on my mind. I don’t MIND at all!! I’m sure you will end up singing Power To All Our Friends before the evening comes, if you clicked the link above! Then send your love to Cliff Richard on his birthday.

Being human, means forgiving and remembering the good things people do.

 Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow!

 Thanks, Sir Cliff Richard,  for a really good song!!! And to YOU this time:

Cliff Richard – Congratulations – Live;2008 Digital Remaster

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  1. melodyinsweden skriver:

    men jag förstår allt!



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