Twohundred and Sixteenth Asic- Snowzilla, Milk and Cookies!

The major storm Snowzilla has now started its journey through the twenty states on the east coast of the USA… It was in a way very interesting to watch TV from a completely empty Washington DC where the Swedish TV reporter seemed all alone in the streets, sharing his report with us… We have snow every winter, but according to the TV reporter from Swedish TV4, some of the states suffering from Snowzilla, hardly get any snow an ordinary winter and may have difficulties getting rid of it, once the storm has passed.

I have a few friends in the USA. They have one thing in common… They all share stories about what one would do if a storm of any kind is predicted… Obviously everyone go to the store, get loads of food in general, but milk and cookies in particular, in order not to ”starve”during the storm… I’m sure we go to the store, too, but I also notice that this desperate ”I HAVE to go to the store” doesn’t seem to be as common here as over there… Maybe we have a more ”longterm” idea for our grocery shopping than Americans do? Milk and cookies??? Meat and potatoes would be more of the Swedish way in that case… 😉

From my heart, I hope you all wake up to a wonderful white world where very little is damaged or ruined by the storm and the only remaining issue is the layer of beautiful snow everywhere…  I also hope you have your cameras ready to take photos, to share with the rest of us and with your grandchildren one day! Winter is an amazing season. Quiet, white and cold! Well… I understand the very storm isn’t quiet!!! Snowzilla is probably very loud! Light a candle and listen to her! It might be the storm of your life! Enjoy!!!



For those of you who would like to know the sound of Swedish… and also follow the coverage in our biggest national Newspaper regarding the storm ”Jonas” I have now added a newspaper clip with a movie.  It’s Sunday evening; and a Swedish reporter doing his job interviewing people in NYC. According to the reporter, the film is from Saturday morning:

Peter Kadhammar interview’s NYC citizens

2 tankar om “Twohundred and Sixteenth Asic- Snowzilla, Milk and Cookies!

  1. dukegg1 skriver:

    It is still snowing 24 hours after it began Winds have been at 80 kph throughout the day and over 100 kph 40 miles away along the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is having bad flooding as the wind is blowing from the Atlantic. Here, in South Jersey, we usually get about 105 cm of snow per winter. We have had over 25 cm so far in this storm alone. Actually, it’s milk, BREAD (not cookies), eggs, and toilet paper that people go wild buying before a predicted storm. I think we all feel we will be housebound for a week! By Tuesday, the high temperature will be about 8C and the blizzard will be a memory. We will be happy thinking of all the French toast we ate that we made with the bread, milk, and eggs.


    • asaole skriver:

      What a wonderful comment! Thank you ever so much! I will always remember the correction, too… ”BREAD (not cookies)” That makes more sense to me! Of course nobody can endure a storm like this eating cookies! That is just for people like Queen Marie Antoinette of France! Thanks for correcting me! 🙂

      I guess we will see a lot more of what actually happened throughout the storm once it’s over.

      I also understand that of course people suffer from storms like these. Apart from all the bad parts, like damaged buildings, people who end up in accidents and other sad and bad things, I hope for CHILDREN to have a chance to enjoy the snow afterwards. Even if it will be +8 C, there will be time to make snowmen and snow horses before it all melts away… I saw on the news yesterday that children in Washington DC enjoyed the snow by going downhill in ”vehicles” they had built themselves, maybe by cardboard?

      Anyway… The snow will soon melt away and spring will come as usually. Thanks again for your comment on my text! // Regards, Åsa



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