The ninetythird åsic- I don’t mind the rain and wind, I’m indoors!


rain-on-window (1)


In June 2014 I wrote a blogpost with the title ”A mini åsic- Rain, rain go away, come again another day…” Today is another of those rainy days when that song would be perfect. But being indoors when it’s raining is not that bad actually. I enjoy my good company at my friends’ and I don’t need to be soaking wet on my way somewhere, since we are all indoors. Generally I enjoy any kind of weather as long as I wear clothes that go well along with the weather… I also tend to think that whenever the weather doesn’t suit me well enough, there isn’t anything I can do about it anyway, so why be miserable?

”Bad” weather encourges me to do things around the house, maybe bake a cake, clean the clutter in the attic, get rid of some old clothes I don’t wear anymore… What if we had ”good” weather all the time? When would we then do all those ”boring” but ”necessary?



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