7 Myths to Dispel About Teaching English Abroad

Being a teacher is exciting every single day and adding a new culture and a new environmental setting to your teaching must be wonderful! I just loved this blogpost! Especially the part about ”and blackboard drawing skills are a must” since we all know that, if we teach a language as a SECOND language. ❤

Fresh Off The Plane

My middle school girls and I out for a picnic in South Korea. My middle school girls and I out for a picnic in South Korea.

For everyone back home:

Myth #1: Teaching abroad is not “real life”

Friends and family back home constantly question us on when we will be returning to “real life” to start our careers.

“You have so much fun out there…” they sigh wistfully, “but when are you coming back? Where do you think you’ll work?”

They think we’ve had our fun and games, but now, it’s time to go home.

To live and work abroad is not a normal lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile and sustainable one. Yes, we swim off of tropical islands in crystal blue water and chow down on spicy rice dishes from questionable street food carts while a new culture swarms around us, but we also work HARD. We teach and connect with children from all over the world…

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