One hundred and thirtyeighth åsic- Teacher of the Year 2015

I had the great opportunity to share the everyday teaching life with a marvellous teacher, Cathy Jacobo. During my stay in NJ in October/November 2014, I experienced teaching and instructing from an American point of view. I am sure my visit had been less interesting without Cathy and I am so happy to share that she was awarded the title ”Teacher of the Year”!


Congratulations, Cathy!! 

⇒For those of you who’d like to read about our adventures, please follow the links below! Please also note that there are no ”ninety-third” and ”ninety-fourth”, since those texts are written in Swedish… 🙂

The eightieth åsic- Sharing teaching experience with friends abroad or from abroad

The eighty-first åsic- Learning Among Friends

The eighty-second åsic- Second Day in an American Teacher’s Hectic World

The eighty-third åsic- Uppe med tuppen!- Being an early bird!

The eighty-fourth åsic- Fika as an ice-breaker is never wrong!

The eighty-fifth åsic- ”HALF & HALF” or Completely Wrong!

The eighty-sixth åsic- Höstlöv, höstlov, hostlov, Fall Break!

The eighty-ninth åsic- From Påskkärring to Tomten in Twenty

The ninetieth åsic- My New Favourite Tree

The ninety-first åsic- To help students understand and find connections is what teaching’s all about!

The ninety-second åsic- Being happy for having friends

The ninety-fifth åsic- The Yellow Wall and The Blue Wallpaper


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