Miniåaseri – A slingback would kill me!

After a lovely weekend in Stockholm with sunshine and long walks in completely wrong shoes, I’m home again, extremely happy to live in a country where I can wear my flip-flops at work tomorrow! A sling-back shoe would kill me! If you haven’t yet read my thoughts on this topic, please enjoy! It’s the twentieth text in a series of texts mainly about being a teacher in Swedish as a Second Language. My texts are all called ”åserier” which is a pun, made of a mixture of my name, Åsa and a Swedish word for a typical kind of short text, called kåseri.

A short summary of the text called ”Tjugonde åseriet- Flip-flops, flipp eller flopp?

Flip-flops are used in many classrooms in Sweden, by both kids and teacher and although we all may agree on flip-flops not being a sign of good taste, I argue for the fact that it’s nice to make your own decisions in what to wear.

We don’t have a dress code and my text deals with my surprise when I first visited an American school and realized I was supposed to use stockings, sling-backs, skirt and a blouse. A Swedish teacher can pick any comfortable shoes she like and also decide rather freely what clothes to wear. Many teachers wear jeans for instance.

Suppose you don’t read in Swedish and suppose you’d like to read more written by me… Please comment back to me and let me know what text you would want me to translate into English.

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