Twohundred and Third Asic- Warm or Cold is a Matter of Where…


January is one of the nicest months in my opinion. The only truly competing month is February… I enjoy the crisp air and relative chill outdoors, as long as I am properly dressed. As a child I had great fun playing in the snow or going skiing or skating, but nowadays I think a walk is enough to get that wonderful feeling of winter that I enjoy so much.

Bloggaren i kölden

The other day I went for a walk to a nearby lake, where I stopped to take some photos. Two of the photos were taken from the very same spot, although in different directions. Those photos prove that it’s a matter of angle…;)

Blått och vitt är vinterns färgpalett

Blue and white when the sun is behind me!

I motljus ser himlen ut att brinna!

…but when facing the sun, she sky seems to be on fire!

I rememeber when I was a child that we always played outdoors, both during breaks at school, but also in the afternoons when we were at home. One of the repeated instructions from every adult around us kids was; Don’t ever lick on metal! You can tell why, huh?


The rewarding moment comes as you go back indoors. That’s when you either have a cup of cocoa or tea… The Swedish winter is as coldest in January and we also tend to have a lot of snow this time of the year, however this time I don’t think it’s very cold, only about -8C and only a few centimeters of snow on the ground, too… Perhaps I ought to be quiet… Who knows, I might be cursed with three weeks of Siberian chill!



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